Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove / Surfing the great tsunami

Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove is an artproject by Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider & Annette Hornskov.
It is an ongoing research of what soil is and what it means through protecting soil, gathering soil, timing and archiving soil, testing soil etc.
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First part of “Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove”:
“Remindme” shown in Riis Skov, Aarhus 2016 / “SONGS FROM THE WOODS” Curator Trine Rytter Andersen.

Second part of “Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove” has just been travelling around the Central Jutland Region and Hamburg / janurary & february 2017.
22 artists from Denmark and Germany participated in the exhibition SURFING THE GREAT TSUNAMI –  Anthropocene Manifestations.
Curator: Carsten Rabe, Hamburg

Exhibited in:
Westwerk, Admiralitätstraße 74, 20459 Hamburg, february 2017.
Slagteriet Holstebro, february 2017
VA 26, Aarhus, january 2017
Operationsgangen, Odder 2017

“Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider & Annette Hornskov presented the second part of the project “Thinking about soil – a.k.a. Soillove”, consisting of 3 works:
“Remind me doc”, 2017
An installation with selected sticks and photo-documentation from and around the construction “Remindme”.

“Soilsamples”, 2017
A surface area of 120 x 120 cm soil subsequently archived in plastic bags. “Soilsamples” are collected soil from different places along the eastcoast of Jutland.

“Soilcolor” , 2017
Variations of soils color on paper.


Our work was e.g. shown in Westwerk Hamburg together with the below mentioned artists (photos: works from Annika Unterburg, Michael Pröpper & Isabell Kamp, DE )

This exhibition SURFING THE GREAT TSUNAMI was created through collaboration with artists based in Hamburg and curated by Carsten Rabe (Hamburg). This is the fourth exhibition in a series of five under the name OUT OF THE BOX, which is ProKK’s contribution to and collaboration with RETHINK – Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017.