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POP-UP KUNSTRUM / Isolationworks
30. March 2020

POP-UP KUNSTRUM the 29. of march 2020 until… ?- Isolationsworks by visual artist Annette Hornskov Mørk and Marianne Schneider shown in their studios in Vejle and Aarup. The exhibition changes every 14 days. POP-UP KUNSTRUM would have started exhibiting other artists in the spring of 2020, but due to the current situation, we have chosen to […]

Thinking about soil / Sydjysk kunstforening
27. October 2019

Below we show some photo from the latest exhibition of the project “Thinking about soil” from Sydjysk Kunstforening in Holsted, Denmark. An exhibition by Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider and Annette Hornskov. Yet another new work is shown here: “SOILLOVE” 3 Pieces of clothing twisted, dipped, pinched and pressed with soil.  

“To” exhibition at Galleri Strædet 9
20. September 2019

“TO” is the title of a current exhibition by Marianne Schneider and Annette Hornskov Mørk. The artists works closely together on a concept in which their paintings and drawings are placed close to each other and sampled, thus creating a whole third work. It is a meeting between two forms and two worlds that support […]

POP-UP KUNSTRUM exhibition no. 3
20. September 2019

You can still see the Exhibition “uden titel” by Anders Bülow in Pumpestationen, Nørretorv, Vejle. The exhibition ends the 30. of september 2019. Special thanks to Vejle Spildevand who has given us premission to use the water pumping station for an art-exhibition and Billedkunstrådet Vejle Kommune for supporting the exhibition. POP-UP KUNSTRUM is an artistdriven space […]

Exhibition “Haven”
27. May 2019

Some Photos from the exhibition “Haven” at Nicloai Kolding. The exhibitiontitle translated =”The garden” and it is open until the 30. of June 2019. Below some of my paintings and a great piece of art by Marie-Louise Exner (the big black and white one). Bkf-sydjylland made a catalog for this exhibtion, where all artist are […]

POP-UP KUNSTRUM / exhibition no. 2
18. March 2019

Go see exhibtion no. 2 by Sophia Ioannou Gjerding at Nørretorv, Vejle. In the evening and at night it lights up the area until the 28. of april. POP-UP KUNSTRUM show “Haunting Prop-blem” by Sophia Ioannou Gjerding at the exhibtionspace at Nørretorv; a water pumping station in Vejle, Denmark. Special tanks to Vejle Spildevand who […]

Thinking about soil / Godsbanen Aarhus
13. December 2018

Below we show some photo from the latest exhibition at Godsbanen Aarhus. An exhibition by Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider and Annette Hornskov. From today we have shortened the project-title to “Thinking about soil” and our facebookpage has also been given this name:  

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