POP-UP KUNSTRUM / “On a Clear day”

Artists Annette Hornskov Mørk & Marianne Schneider
Exhibtion at the marina in Vejle. Go for a walk along the waterfront and enjoy the exhibtion “On a Clear Day” through the windows.

POP-UP KUNSTRUM is an artistdriven space without a permanent place and it will, in the future, show two-three shows each year. Marianne Schneider and I run this artspace and for the first exhibition we show our own works.

The exhibitionspace consists of four walls, the two of which are glass. The exhibition must be experienced from the outside through the glass walls at daytime.

On a clear Day – Looking through the glass

The exhibtion “On a clear Day” show painting, sculpture and installation at “Den lille Bølge”, Ved bølgen, 7100 Vejle until september 30.

Artists: Marianne Schneider & Annette Hornskov Mørk.




Featured image:

Untitled wall by Annette Hornskov & Marianne Schneider, 2018

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