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Exhibition at Kunsthal Ulys
16. March 2018

Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider  & Annette Hornskov show new works at the exhibtion “Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove. Fernissage Friday the 23th of March, 8 pm at Kunsthal Ulys, Gl. Havnekaj 25, 5000 Odense C.

Thinking about soil a.k.a. Soillove is an artproject by Berit Jansson, Marianne Schneider & Annette Hornskov. It is an ongoing research of what soil is and what it means through protecting soil, gathering soil, timing and archiving soil, testing soil etc. Check out our new facebookpage and follow for new works:

21. November 2016

Working on pieces for the exhibition in Dronninglund Kunstcenter 2017. Together with Else Oltmann, Annette Gerlif, Helle Skydt. Constructing spaces…

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